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Roma Bella Furniture

roma bella furniture

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roma bella furniture - Aged Rust

Aged Rust Roma Headboard - Queen

Aged Rust Roma Headboard - Queen

The Roma Headboard is rich in detail. The arched headboard with a scallop-edged top rail creates visual interest, while vertical spindles contrast with a scrolled metalwork design, beautifully accented by round posts and an antiqued metal finish. Features: Headboard only - Does not include linens and mattress Available in full, queen and king sizes Headboard features fully-welded, heavy-gauge tubular steel construction Headboard has an aged rust finish Ready to assemble 10 year manufacturer's limited warranty on brass, plated brass, painted metal or finished wood components Specifications: Full dimensions: 58.3" H x 40" W Queen dimensions: 58.3" H x 62" W King dimensions: 58.3" H x 78" W NOTE: Fashion Bed Group recommends using their specialized headboard frame with this product. The headboard is not guaranteed to fit other manufacturers? frames.

87% (5)

Al civico nr°6

Al civico nr°6

Al civico nr°6 succedono sempre cose strane.
Peppino coltiva un orto, dietro casa, di sorrisi. Lo annaffia tutti i giorni. Si prende cura costantemente, togliendo dal terreno ogni tristezza. E ogni anno, prima che arrivi la stagione fredda lo copre di abbracci. E' cosi che puntualmente a Natale riesce a regarlarmi un cestino pieno di sorrisi. Mi bussa alla porta e dalle pieghe delle sue rughe sulla bocca esce una sola parola "Sorrisi?".
Di la dal cancello, dietro una finestra invece c'e Teresa, sua moglie. E' una donna minuta, esile, leggera come l'aria. Nella sua stanza preferita, dietro la cucina, ha un ripostiglio con un grosso armadio e una piccola cassettiera. E' sempre chiusa li dentro. E non apre quasi mai la porta se non per entrarvici. Ha paura che le sue cose possano volare via...con un sol colpo d'aria. Una sola volta sono riuscita ad entrarci. Sotto suo invito.
"Vieni, dammi la mano".
Avro avuto 6 anni circa.
I miei occhino erano allibiti.
Apri un cassetto e mi fece vedere cosa c'era custodito dentro: la Fantasia.
L'armadio e tutto il resto, pieni di Fantasia.
Immagini reali ed irreali che uscivano da ogni angolo della stanza.
E' cosi che Teresa passa le sue giornate.
Non hanno mai avuto figli. Ma e come se li avessero avuti. Appena entri nella loro casa, senti sempre odori di dolci appena fatti. Di torte alle mele, di ciambellone al cioccolato, di crostate alla frutta. E in ogni angolo della casa puoi trovare una moltitudine di giochi.
Al civico nr°6 puoi sempre sentirti come fossi a casa tua. Sempre.

To the civic nr°6 strange things happen always.
Peppino cultivates a garden, behind house, of smiles. Sprinkle it every day. You constantly takes care removing from the ground every sadness. And every year, before the cold season arrives it covers it with embraces. It is so that punctually to Christmas he succeeds in giving me a basket full of smiles. Knock me to the door and from the folds of his wrinkles on the mouth an only word it goes out "Smiles?"
Of there from the gate, behind a window there is instead Teresa her wife. She is a minute woman, slender, light as the air. In her preferred room, behind the kitchen, it has a closet with a big closet and a small piece of furniture. She is always dam there inside. And it almost never opens the door if not for inside. It is afraid that its things can fly away... with a sol chill. An only time I have succeeded in entering us. Under her invitation.
"Come in, give me the hand."
I will have been 6 years old around.
My big eyes were astounded.
It opened a drawer and it made me see what she was guarded there inside: the Imagination.
The closet and the whole rest, full of Imagination.
You imagine real and unreal that went out from every angle of the room.
It is so that Teresa spends her days.
They have never had children. But it is as if they had had them. You hardly enter their house, you hardly feel always odors of sweets facts. Of cakes to the apples, of cakes with the chocolate, of tarts to the fruit. It is in every angle of the house you can find a crowd of games.
To the civic nr°6 you can always feel as I was at your home. Always.



Bella is an extremely soft 4 month old American Bulldog and today is her first day. I think she'll sleep well tonight since this is just about the only time I've seen her stay still all day. She's definitely enjoying Big Dog Thursday.

roma bella furniture

roma bella furniture

Under the Same Moon


Under the Same Moon puts a human face--several very appealing faces--on the dilemma of Mexican "illegals" living and working clandestinely in the United States and the loved ones back home they're supporting. Rosario, a young single parent, left her village four years ago and jumped the border to find work in Los Angeles; ever since, she and son Carlitos, now nine, haven't seen each other, but she faithfully calls him from the same street-corner pay phone every Sunday morning. When Rosario's mother--the boy's guardian--dies in her sleep, Carlitos taps into an impressive reservoir of street smarts and contrives his own border crossing. The border is just the first of many obstacles to a mother-and-child reunion--not least the fact that the only address the boy has for Rosario is a mental image of the corner she always phones from.
It's easy to take cheap shots at Patricia Riggen's feature-directing debut for tugging at the heartstrings, and certainly Under the Same Moon aspires to nothing like the political and psychological complexity of The Visitor, another film involving illegal immigrants that was released around the same time. But that misses the point, the nature of the mission, and the effectiveness with which Riggen carries it out. Carlitos encounters an almost Dickensian gallery of rogues and menaces, but that's allegorically appropriate for a crossover film (pun unavoidable) aimed at the general U.S. market as well as the Latino circuit. Nor is the movie guilty (as some have charged) of flogging an Anglo-bad/Latino-good poetics; there's opportunism as well as love among Carlitos's neighbors back home, and although Rosario is exploited and cheated by one of the two L.A. households she serves as a maid, the other family appears fond, even solicitous of her.
Riggen's casting is on the money: Kate del Castillo makes a heartbreakingly lovely Rosario, and Adrian Alonso, in addition to giving a gutsy performance as Carlitos, has a marvelous old-man's face the camera never tires of. Veteran actress Maria Rojo creates a shrewd portrait of a woman who arranges border crossings and observes her own brand of ethics while doing so, and Eugenio Derbez brings raffish charm to a crowd-pleasing role, a guest worker who, though himself two leaps ahead of "La Migra," becomes Carlitos's reluctant protector. America Ferrara (yes, "Ugly Betty") contributes an unflattering cameo as a U.S. college student of Hispanic descent who doesn't understand Spanish. --Richard T. Jameson

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